Cagcell Ltd is a specialist business support agency that help their clients to obtain essential licenses to import and export in and out of the UK, and also offer expert advice and procedural knowledge on the use of trademarks. Our team of specialist business consultants have long track records of helping UK businesses achieve success in international trades through strategic planning, export and import license acquisition, trademarks and market research.

We are here to support your import and export business from start up to the thriving stage. We are delighted to be able to help business owners in their international trade journey providing them access to professional advice, technical resources, tools, expertise and support they need to successfully import and export goods in and out of the UK.

At Cagcell Ltd, we fully understand that the world of import and export is full of complexities and opportunities. That is why, we help our clients identify the opportunities saving them time and major headaches. We help our clients to manage all the details and paperwork aspects of their thriving international businesses.

Our Services

At Cagcell Ltd, our services are specially designed to make import and export seamless for businesses especially SMEs. Regardless of whether you are a small or big business, maybe you import or export items once in a while or have frequent shipments coming in or departing the UK, we are here to provide the right professional advice and manage all the paperwork aspects of your business.

We take care of every process from documentation to administration making it easy for you to focus on running your international business successfully.

Our Partners